Garden architecture
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We have been operating since 1991 in the garden wood industry, we produce garden furniture, benches, flower pots and much more.

Architektura ogrodowa
Architektura ogrodowa
Architektura ogrodowa
Architektura ogrodowa

Why choose us?

Family company

Our company has been on the Polish market for 3 generations.


We have been operating on European markets for 30 years.

We love wood

Our great grandfather already learned wood processing and gave us knowledge.

Quality control

We personally supervise production at every stage.


Our products are available in many countries.


Our employees are specialists who have been with us for many years.


Dostarczamy do piętnastu europejskich państw.

FSC certificate

We only produce from certified wood.


We have one of the largest autoclaves in Poland.


We are involved in local initiatives.


We will meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Scale of work

Annually, we consume about 10,000 screws.

Who we are?

ZPHU DREWA is a plant operating since 1991 in the garden wood industry. The quality we care about the most is quality. We implement it through proper selection of raw material, accuracy of machining, high precision of assembly and rigorously maintained impregnation parameters.

We want our customers to leave here satisfied and the long years of using our products have confirmed them in these impressions.

Who we are?

We specialize in the production of pergolas, grates, fences as well as flower pots and flower beds, but the range of products and services is very wide and we are still expanding it.

Over 90% of our production goes to European markets where, among other manufacturers, we are distinguished by high quality incomparable to market. We are probably not the cheapest but definitely the best.


Our customers say that

Anna Nowok-Głuchowska

Client from Gdańsk

Of course I am very happy with the boxes. The largest grille with a bow came to me broken at the highest point of the arch, but managed to glue it so that it is not visible. It is only one in seven bought, the others are impeccable.

Competitive prices, customer care (numerous telephones) and nice workmanship are an incentive for further purchases. Thank you very much and best regards.

Garden center

Company from Września

We have been cooperating with DREWA for many years, now it is even easier thanks to the website. Attention to quality and short delivery times are essential during the season. We are pleased.


Client from Poznań

At the beginning of April I bought an exclusive five-piece gazebo set. I like the quality of the product. Price also.

Good contact and service – a big positive.